It would be cool if Ghost Town could be on Warped Tour 2015 :)

Photo by Jacob Moe

Did you ghosts see this tweet earlier? :) I wonder what it will be 


Haven’t drawn the guys in awhile

dedicated to superpowerbear happy early birthday~

Band Member Monday! Here’s Manny and David Schmitt (vocalist in Breathe Carolina)


So I had this one week where Ghost Town was my favorite thing ever


another ghost town edit! background picture is from ghost town’s instagram.

This is so adorable! I really love the shirt <3

Fan Art by cr00ked.y0ng (instagram)

I really love this picture of Alix

photo by jacobscottmoe


Someone stole my beard 😳👶👽

No more beard! :O

▸ Project Announcement

Hey guys, so I might be going to see Ghost Town in November and I want to ask you guys a favor: send in pictures of you (With your ghost friends if you’d like) holding up a sign saying ‘I/we love you Ghost Town!’. You can make it as creative as you want. To submit, send it to me on kik or Instagram at JulianaKBrown. Thanks guys!