Take me back to warped tour 2k14

Anonymous sent: Why does your description say three ghost, though my there was 4 of you??

Thank you for pointing that out, Anon. We will definitely correct that as soon as we can. The reason is because us three- Laurie, Lauren and me (Hannah) are the main admins and Jade and Juliana were still “trying-out” and we havent been able to get around to adding them until now.



Happy Ghost Town Tuesday!

That’s Unusual (Jump) fan art by megzcameron (instagram)


Ghost Town @ Vans Warped Tour 2014, Wantagh NY


I drew Kevin Ghost… AS A GHOST AHAHA HA HA 😄👉 officialghosttown

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Band Member Monday! Today’s picture is Kevin with Tyler Carter (vocalist in Issues) and Jeffree Star. I thought I should post this picture with Tyler because Ghost Town and Issues are touring together this Fall. :)

This is just too funny! xD 

Credit: libertydreamer (instagram)


Was very inspired by someone’s photo set of something similar.

I like these a lot :)