Digital touch up for Evan 👻⚡️ officialghosttown 6 hours time went I to this ❤️❤️👻⚡️

Kevin and Evan with their unicorn tattoos :)


My Ghost Town - Tentacles Fan Art c: it’s also on my IG which is Karinkiku~


My little Party In The Graveyard (Ghost Town) box I made <3

This is so cool! I love how you put the lyrics on the inside :)

Band Member Monday 

I found this picture the other day and I thought it was really cool so here’s this picture of Kevin with Lou Miceli (from Palisades), Tyler Carter (from Issues), Taka (from One OK Rock), and Ty Acord (from Issues).


Did a quick little Ghost Town thing today. Please excuse my shitty handwriting #ghosttown #ghostart #youresocreepy

Looks like the guys have been working on some new music lately :)

Anyone notice the hand on Kevin’s hair? hahaha

Photo Credit: Jacob Moe


Please give me credit for this, it is my personal work I made. I took and edited the photo.

This is a really cool photo! :)

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